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04 April 2014

North Korea - New Won 2002 to 2008 Prints

Five Won
Scientist and student, Dated 2002, P58
Reverse, Hwanggang hydroelectric dam and power station
Ten Won
Soldiers (Air Force, Army, Navy), Dated 2002, P59
Reverse, Victory Monument of the Korean War
Fifty Won
Engineer, farmer and working intellectual, Dated 2002, P60
Reverse, Monument to the Founding of the Workers Partyof Korea
One Hundred Won
Siebolds-Magnolia (National Flower of Korea), Dated 2008, P61
Value 100, Reverse
Two Hundred Won
Chollima statue, Dated 2008, P62
Value 200, Reverse
Five Hundred Won
Arch of Triumph, Dated 2008, P63
Value 500, Reverse
One Thousand Won
House of Hoeryong, Dated 2008, P64
Reverse, Samji lake
Two Thousand Won
Log cabin on Paektu Mountain, Jong Il Peak, Dated 2008, 65
Reverse, Paektu Mountain
Five Thousand Won
Kim Il-sung, Dated 2008, P66
Reverse, Mangyongdae
This is a full set of new Won (third Won series) reportedly issued in 2009 following the country revaluation of its currency in November 2009. The notes here posted are dated between 2002 and 2008. These new Won were issued to tackle hyperinflation and also black market activities. Following these releases, all previously issued notes ceased to be legal tender. The won is issued by the Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The one won was not issued for this series.

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